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Please review criteria for call and fill out the application form.

AiRS (Artist in Residence Skövde) is an eight week long International Residency in October – December 2023 for one artist self-identified as mid or upper carrier, run by Skövde Art Museum in the rural town of Skövde in Southwestern Sweden. The residency is based on a dialogue between the artist and the local community, and invites artists who works with participatory, engaged, and critical practices outside of the museum walls. AiRS edition 2023  is looking for one artist to come to Skövde, Sweden on a grant based residency. Selection is made from an open call creating a shortlist of artists with whom we conduct studio visits/on site meetings in Jakarta in and Yogyakarta.  We look forward to get to know your practice!

Residency Date: Mid Oct-Dec 2023
Open Call close: April 7th at 23.59 CET
Program name: AiRS (Residency for artists working with extended social art practice).
Hosting organization: Skövde Art Museum


Meetings in Jakarta or Yogyakarta

To select one artist for the residency. The program is open to all art forms, but tends to pay attention to currents in performance, video, sound, photography, works paper as well as forward.  Museum director and program curator will in addition to meeting with artists map tendencies in the socially engaged art scene and meet with institutions to potentially be part of the node around AiRS and Skövde Art Museum.

About the AiRS Program

AiRS is located in Skövde, Sweden where the Art Museum is the host for the program. The AiRS studio apartment is located on the second floor of a newly renovated building from 1862, situated in a courtyard across the street from the Art Museum. The residency is embedded in an area with museums, higher education, art workshop, library, theater etc. During the residency the selected artist will have weekly meetings with the curator to discuss the process as well as communication with a liaison artist (local artist).  AiRS is  a safe place embedded in the exploration of art and intersectional approaches of society. 

Prior to arrival to Sweden a set of curatorial meetings will take place with the program curator. 

The residency grant consists of

  • Personal grant of 30 000 SEK
  • 8 weeks accommodation and a studio space in a small studio apartment
  • International travel to and from the residency (economy class)
  • A limited production budget (must be billed to, and pre-approved by the Art Museum)
  • Public transportation pass and a bicycle
  • Curatorial dialogue on a weekly basis upon arrival in Sweden
  • Access equipment; projectors, speakers, simple recording device (subject to availability)
  • Artist liaison (appointed local artist who can be a dialogue partner in the development of the project)
  • Local Artist Network/Community (peer artist and After Art Sessions)
  • Swedish SIM card and Wi-Fi in the studio apartment

Eligible Artists

To be eligible for the AiRS 2023 residency, the applicant must be a professional artist self-identified as mid or upper carrier, working or living in Jakarta or Yogyakarta. The artist needs:

  • Have an interest to work according to the call
  • Self identified mid or upper carrier.
  • Living in Indonesia and self identifies as Indonesian
  • Meet with the director and curator at the agreed time and date.
  • Artists meeting the criteria for visa (please review policy, the grant level assures the monetary criteria)
  • Follow specifications in application form
  • Be prepared to do the full residency and follow policies for the process including any pandemic regulation that might apply.


Call available via ResArtis and Skovde Art Museum and viral distribution of the call.

Online application

In the online application you need to fill in your personal details, and upload the following documents:

  • Short CV and bio
  • Portfolio

To showcase participatory, engaged, or critical practice, including but not limited to temporal practices, site specific work, performance, lens- or audio-based projects, community engagement

Submit the documents in one merged PDF of maximum size 100 mb.

  • Proposal

A committed proposal for the 2023 residency where suggested themes or project is described. What is to be researched or developed during the residency period?


You can find the online application at the bottom of this page. 

No application fee.

Further Requirements

  • To be in dialogue with the AiRS team and elaborate on their work and approaches to discover obtainability of the individual proposal submitted.
  • A working level of English or Swedish (translator is not facilitated).
  • To hold two public presentations in Skövde during the residency.

Disclaimer: 1-2 positions might open for late submission upon invitation from AiRS team

Application, Selection Process & Timeline

Step 1 (March-April)
Open call for eligible artists, i.e. meet application criteria

Online application via link at the bottom of this page. 
Application deadline: April 7th at 23.59 CET

Step 2 (April)
Selection committee work. Artist for shortlist will be contacted for appointment.

Step 3  (April 26-May 3)
Studio visits/in depth conversation with selected artists. AiRS team in Jakarta or Yogyakarta.
The purpose is to review portfolios/works with the artist and understand the practice better. This is also an opportunity to get to know more about the AiRS Program and Grant.

Step 4  (prior to May 3rd)
Review of submitted portfolios and in depth conversations. Selecting artist for AiRS 2023. 

Step 5 (May 3-4)
Announcing the selected artist. Initiate curatorial process pre artists stay in Sweden.

Meeting with selected artist
The AiRS team and selected artist meet for 3 hours  to discuss details regarding the residency and proposed project. Here the curatorial dialogue begins, and the specifics of the residency starts to take form  

Selection committee
Director Thomas Oldrell and program curator Anna Viola Hallberg. Ranking in application will not be public nor will feedback be delivered to artists not selected.

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Please review criteria for call before you start the application.



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